What's with all the controversial Charles Oakley statements lately? Earlier this week, we told you about how he took time out of his clothing line's launch at the K1X store in New York City last weekend to badmouth the Knicks. At the same event, Oak also did an interview with Hoopsworld in which he was asked to compare the talents of LeBron James and Michael Jordan. And, unlike Scottie Pippen, he revealed that he doesn't think LBJ is even close to touching MJ's greatness.

"I wouldn't put them in the same conversation," he said. "It took awhile for Michael to win championships, too, but they have a different swagger, a different demeanor. If I would compare anybody to Michael Jordan, it would be Kobe Bryant. Point blank. I know LeBron well; he don't have what Michael have so I'm not even gonna discuss that one. To be a superstar, [LeBron] has to go back to his fundamentals...work on his post game, work off the ball."

So, there you have it. LeBron is not as good as Michael. Now, can someone please give Charles Oakley his own NBA blog or column or something? This guy knows how to kick knowledge. [via Pro Basketball Talk]