Whirling wind and sheets of heat-seeking rain on Wednesday night couldn't keep people away from the Antenna- and Hyundai-sponsored release of Cannondale and Junk Food's exclusive take on urban biking

The two companies began with a clean slate, wiping out the Bad Boy model's fighter jet all-black everything look. In efforts to incorporate Junk Food's retro feel, the frame was colored a heritage green, and leather accents were added. The bag you see in the middle actually comes out and doubles as a stylish shoulder bag. One of the most unique features might go unnoticed by the casual biker, but certainly puts the model in its own league. Cannondale's patented Lefty solo fork provides better stiffness, stronger stability, and, most importantly, an incredibly low weight. 

According to Cannondale Senior Manager of Public Relations and Advocacy for Cycling Sports Group Michael Michael De Leon, this bike is more than just a mode of transportation. 

"This is made for somebody who really wants the bike to help represent them," De Leon enthusiastically explained. "It’s a symbol of who they are. It's function meets fashion."

New York was the first stop on the Re:Mix tour, which also includes Hyundai's new Veloster. The tour will be in New York through Sunday, before moving on to Chicago, Miami, Vegas, and L.A.