Girls, Computers, and Justin Bieber

SI Swimsuit Cover Models: Rachel Hunter, Kathy Ireland, and Elle Macpherson. When SI decided to put these three ladies on the cover, teenagers throughout the U.S. suddenly developed carpal tunnel. Kathy Ireland is still able to pump furniture because of this classic shot. This year it's Irina Shayk. We likes, we really likes.
Number of Internet Users: By November '94, 32 million. The net was just a baby back in '94 and even OG Bryant Gumbel was baffled by the new craze. As of right now, there are 245 million users in the U.S. and 2 billion worldwide. Again, about that carpal tunnel problem in the U.S. Don't front.
Justin Bieber's Whereabouts: Way before the homie started his hostile takeover of the world, Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario. Why is he included here? Do we need to remind you?
Guy-girl scenes Jenna Jameson had been filmed in: Five. Hard to believe, but the porn legend started out doing only doing girl-girl and in '94 had only five guy-girl scenes under her belt. With a reported net worth around $70 million, it's safe to say all those money shots paid off. Pause.
Playmate of the Year: Jenny McCarthy. Ahh, the year we all got to know this hottie a little, uh...better (that damn carpal tunnel syndrome!). Sexy and funny chicks, FTW. 2011's POTY won't be announced until next year, but we're rooting for May's Sasha Bonilova. You know, because she's a Bonilova.

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