Number of Alleged Bill Clinton Jumpoffs: Five. Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Sally Perdue, and Dolly KyleIf all claimed the Prez was getting it in way before his days in the Oval Office. If we could somehow get in our DeLorean and head back to 1994, we'd tell Slick Willie to stay far away from any blue dresses he came across. Pun intended. 
House of Representatives: In September the House featured 256 Democrats and 177 Republicans, before the GOPers flipped the script on the Dems in November with Newt Gingrich as their party leader. Today it's 240-192 Republicans.
Whereabouts of Barack Obama: Con Law (that's short for Constitutional Law, but we'll leave that one in for our Tea Party readers to make jokes with) professor at the University of Chicago Law School. So, Obama went from discussing the subject of law with young adults to discussing our national debt with toddlers disguised as politicians (back at you TP!) reasoning with our nation's leaders on America's most-important issues.
Tea Party: In '94, a tea party more likely than not featured a bunch of liberals sitting around talking about how much they liked the president. In '11 the Tea Party features a bunch of conservatives sitting around talking about how much they dislike the president.
U.S. Senate: Republicans: 43 seats. Democrats: 57 seats. The Republicans would again upend the tables in November, picking up 9 seats. Today the Dems hold a 53-47 advantage.

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