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No. 1 TV Show: Seinfeld. Arguably the greatest sitcom of all-time, Seinfeld was reigning supreme during Peyton's freshman year in college. Larry and Jerry are still on the run eating off of syndication, so pay attention and get your kick game up. These days, American Idol is currently on an eight-year run as the most-watched American TV series. SMH, we've got to do better.
No. 1 Movie: Forrest Gump. After 66 days in the box office, Forrest Gump earned more than $250 million. Homie ran the game. Literally. This year's No. 1 flick is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 which has earned over $375 million so far.
Must-have Gaming Console: Sega Saturn and PlayStation. With series like Sonic and Street Fighter, it seemed like Sega would be running the game for a while. Then PlayStation dropped. Released on December 3rd in Japan, Sony's graphics shitted on the competition. Nowadays, Sony still runs the game with the PlaySation 3 having sold over 50 million units.
Hottest Actress: Demi Moore. Not only was Demi already on her way to becoming the highest-paid actress of the '90s but her ridiculously hot role in Disclosure? Demi can show you better than we can tell. With her past success in Avatar and the anticipation of Colombiana, Zoe Saldana  ('Plex cover girl) is our pick for 2011's hottest actress.
Big TV Debut: Friends. Two days before Peyton's last missed start, September 22nd 1994, you were introduced to a group of hot (half of 'em at least), often annoying pals in a series that would be on TV for the next decade. We weren't mad about seeing Jennifer Aniston on a regular basis, but we were pissed every time that corny-ass theme song got stuck in our heads. As far as this year goes, The Playboy Club should be a hit for a few obvious reasons.

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