Soooo, apparently Tom Brady is so good and such a lock for a starting position on your fantasy football team that Yahoo! Sports doesn't even bother to provide you with real stats or projections for him on their fantasy football site anymore. How else can you explain the update that was given on Mr. Brady yesterday? Instead of an article on yesterday's Patriots practice or a write-up on Brady's past experiences playing against the Buffalo Bills, Yahoo! chose to run with—are you ready for it?—a news item about a verbal warning that his wife Giselle Bundchen got over the weekend for speeding in Massachusetts as well as some "Advice" that was quick to point out that, just in case you were wondering, she didn't get any preferential treatment. Um, okay?

Helpful, guys! We'll definitely be sure to keep it in mind when we put together our "Start Or Sit?" column later this week. [via Hot Clicks]