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After accquiring a 49.9% stake of Porsche in 2009, VW announced an integration plan would be completed by the end of 2011. Now it appears the estimated date of completion for the merger will not be met due to legal obstacles that impede the plan's finality. Porsche has continued to face possible legal issues because of their botched attempt to take over VW in 2009, which is being deemed as "alleged market manipulation." Despite this off-setting news the boards of both companies remain dedicated to their original goal of fully bringing Porsche under the VW Group umbrella while allowing the brand of sports cars to keep its sense of independence as well as its Zuffenhausen headquarters.VW's Board of Management announced that they will meet this coming week to engineer a new course of action to achieve said goals and present the newlly designed plan to the Supervisory Board by year's end. 

[Via InsideLine]