Boxing has its share of problems. Being boring is not one of them. Last night's Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight featured one of the most controversial in-ring conclusions to a boxing match ever (if you've been living under a rock today and haven't seen it, watch it here), but the fireworks didn't stop there.

In the post-fight interview, the ever-engaging or ever-annoying (depending on where you sit) Larry Merchant repeatedly challenged Mayweather about the ethics of his win, and the conversation ended with Mayweather cursing Merchant and Merchant telling Mayweather he wished he was 50 years younger so he could kick Mayweather's ass.

Part of Merchant's appeal/schtick is being a confrontational interviewer, but he and Mayweather have a particularly contentious past. From Floyd's first title defense in 1998 to last night, they've repeatedly butted heads. Read on for a history of the Mayweather-Merchant beef.