Travis "Hapa" Browne vs Rob "The Bear" Broughton

Better Nickname: Hapa is Hawaiian slang for a person who's half Asian, half Pacific Islander. A bear is my hairy gay friend... or Teddy Ruxpin. Either way, I'm taking Hapa for originality.

Inside Scoop, Browne: He's one of the biggest humans you'll ever see and his 5" height advantage here translates to a significant reach advantage. His last three fights have lasted 52 seconds combined. Don't get up for a Tecate once Hapa steps in the octagon.

Inside Scoop, Broughton: He's a well-rounded guy from England who made his money welding before he switched to beating people up. He's soft in the midsection and he's only had one prior UFC fight—which he won by submission.

Prediction: Browne. It would be easier to get Rick Ross on a vegetarian diet than to take Browne down. Broughton doesn't have the wrestling skills for that. It's a stand up war and once Browne lays those meat hooks on Broughton it's like Vanessa Williams said in New Jack City, "Rock-a-bye, baby."

This is a good pick for KO of the night.