Nate Diaz vs "The Fireball Kid" Takanori Gomi

Comedic Backstory: Nate's big brother, Nick, got 420 problems but Gomi ain't one. He did this to the Fireball Kid a few fights back before pissing positive for massive amounts of weed.

Inside Scoop, Diaz: He's got heart and submissions but he's short on KO power. He pops more shit than a newborn show pony because he can pull off submissions like this. He's 2-2 in his last four fights due to an unsuccessful attempt to move up a weight class. *Paging GSP. Middleweight's calling. It's unclear why it's going straight to voicemail* Now, Nate's back at lightweight with a lot to prove.

Inside Scoop, Gomi: The Fireball Kid came to the UFC highly-touted for his striking only to lose two of his three matches by submission. First to Kenny Florian, then to Clay Guida. He has power in his hands but he gases easily.

Prediction: Diaz. Stockton, CA, punk! Diaz gets props for his trash talk because unlike, say, Floyd Mayweather, Diaz loves to be the aggressor and make the fight. In this one, he peppers Gomi with strikes (and epithets) while avoiding big blows. Gomi wears down (again) and gets submitted.

This is a prime candidate for submission of the night. If you don't think Nate will try to top his brother's Gomi gogoplata, you need to back away from the vaporizer, homes.