Date: 2001
Location: Harrisburg, Pa.
Ride: Mercedes-Benz E320 

Everything about this clip screams Grand Theft Auto. The chase starts out with two crooks who've stolen a pair of Mercedes Benz luxury cars. One of them makes a wrong turn and gets trapped by police, but the other is driving like he's been to Liberty City plenty of times on PS3. He evades the spike strip and outruns shots fired by the Harrisburg coppers. Almost running down a cop on foot, the driver hits 100 mph while talking to his chick on the phone. Instead of operating with an M.O.B. (Mercedes Over Bi*ches) mentality, he gets distracted by jonesing with shorty and accidentally gets onto the highway and heads toward some packed toll booths. Dude must have mad rollover minutes ‘cause he stays on the phone while trying to escape with a light jog when he should be hitting 90. A plainclothes cop gets the jump on the suspect and brings the chase to a stop. Unlike GTA, he won't get to start the mission over.