Date: April 28, 2009
Location: Clayton County, Ga.
Ride: Tractor Trailer

Anything can happen during a carjacking. But we'd have to agree that it's pretty rare to find a vehicle's original driver still riding along as the thief is trying to outrun the cops. Well, the guy who got this hot pink tractor-trailer taken from him was along for the ride for the first 15 seconds of this car chase. After the victim jumps off the moving vehicle, the perpetrator oddly continues to move at sloth-like speed down the Georgia interstate. With most of its tires blown out, the truck stops after a short time and the law swarms in, dragging the perp out of the driver's seat. Odds are pretty good that his nickname around the cell block will be "Hot Pink," and he'll be forced to wear outfits the color of his crime.