Date: April 16, 2006
Location: Tyler, Texas
Ride: Pick-up Truck

Bitter over a recent divorce, David Arroyo can't wait until family court to have it out with his wife. He brings a loaded gun to a Tyler, Texas, courthouse and gets trigger happy with his AK-47. Arroyo just keeps busting caps into every copper that even thinks of taking him down. Finally, a man with a plan and a badge rolls up intending to take out the gunman while sitting on the hood of a moving police cruiser, picking him off in a narrow window of time. Unfortunately, the armed lunatic has already taken off in his pick-up truck. With two bodies under his belt from the shootout (including his ex-wife), Arroyo's rage clearly has no limit. When the suspect gets out of the car to exchange fire with his pursuers, the sharp-shooting copper fires and kills the target. Two deaths and four injuries later, it seems the mad man was hell bent on not going down without a fight. 

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