Date: June 4, 2004
Location: Granby, Col.
Ride: Komatsu D355A Bulldozer (Customized Armor)

Tim Allen would love this next crime wave. Causing more damage than an entire season of "Tool Time," an angry man took a bulldozer out for a ride and went on a rampage, destroying property belonging to all the people who had wronged him in the town. Racking up $7 million in damages, this lunatic had an unstoppable vehicle, armor-plated and loaded with two assault rifles and video surveillance. In a matter of seconds, this guy destroys buildings and homes that took months to build. A man on a front-end loader tries to take him on, but he quickly calls it quits when the dozer rumbles toward him, eventually crushing the loader. The cops get lucky when the bulldozer's engine dies. The cops never get their man, though, as the crazed welder commits suicide in the driver's seat. Police spent an hour and a half prying the big hunk of metal open to get to the body. This demolition man's actions are sure to have prompted local businesses to provide better customer service after that unforgettable day of destruction.