3. Oliver Perez

Year: 2009
Contract: $36 million/Three years
Team: New York Mets
Two biggest fears of GMs after giving out big contracts? Injuries and laziness. After signing Oliver Perez, the Mets got a big dose of both. Only three months after signing his $36 million contract, Perez went on the DL with patellar tendinitis. He made his return to the rotation in July only to have the same issue of patellar tendinitis come up again in August; this time requiring season ending surgery. In June 2010, Perez made another return to the DL with...wait for it...patellar tendinitis! After another frustrating season of injuries and refusal to do minor league work, the Mets released Perez in March 2011 still owing him another $12 million. Just another one of the many Mets Fails over the years.