11. Jim McIlvaine

Year: 1996
Contract: $33.6 million/Seven years
Team: Seattle SuperSonics
In the 1996 offseason, the SuperSonics were looking to add one more piece to their team which had just lost in six games to the Chicago Bulls in the Finals. Already led by Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp, the Sonics front office looked to 7-foot-1 Jim McIlvaine to fill their void at center. Of course giving $33 million to an unproven center pissed off Shawn Kemp who had been asking the team for a new contract after helping lead the Sonics to the playoffs for the previous six seasons. McIlvaine averaged 3.8 points and four rebounds per game in his first season with Seattle. Kemp's continuing frustration led to him being traded to the Cavs in the '97 offseason and the Sonics never made it to the NBA Finals or past the second-round again. Did McIllvaine have a big impact? Yup. The kind the Sonics were looking for? Fuck no.