13. Stephon Marbury

Year: 2003
Contract: $76 million/Four years
Team: Phoenix Suns/New York Knicks
Coming off a season in which he made his second All-Star team and posted respectable stats of 20 points and eight rebounds per game, Marbury signed a contract extension with the Suns only to be traded to the Knicks three months later. After maintaining his 20 and eight average in the first season and a half with the Knicks, the nightmare began. Clashes with both Larry Brown and Isiah Thomas, a sex scandal, and a straight-up refusal to play at some points resulted in the Knicks paying Marbury $21.9 million to not play at all in 2009 before he was traded to the Boston Celtics. Oh yeah, did we mention that Starbury negotiated this $76 million contract without an agent? #mindfucked