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We don't want to say Serena Williams is a sore loser, but over the weekend, Common's ex-boo got into another altercation with an official at the U.S. Open during her loss to Samantha Stosur—just two years after she made headlines for scolding a line judge during the 2009 Open. It wasn't quite as bad as the '09 incident—she allegedly threatened to physically harm the judge in that case—but as you can see in the video, Serena didn't pull any punches when chair umpire Eva Asderaki gave her a code violation and awarded Stosur a point after Serena yelled "Come on!" during the middle of the match.

"Don't even look at me. I promise you, don't even look at me...don't look my way," Serena yelled at Asderaki. "What a loser...You're a hater...A code violation because I expressed who I am? Really?...If you ever see me walking down the hall...walk the other way."

Damn. Why don't you tell her how you really feel, Serena?! [via ABC News]