If you've got $135 Million to spare then champagne and waves don't have to be the only thing flowing on your next boat trip. The free flowing metallic forms that make up the Gray Design Sovereign Yacht are distinct and display superior craftsmenship among all other watercrafts, even those in the same price brackett. The mast of the ship holds a wind turbine for power while the roof has solar panels used to run the lighting on board and store reserve power. Other amenities on this luxury yacht include a jacuzzi, a pool with a helipad in the center, a beach club on the lower deck and a custom built-limo kept in the on-board garage. The three MTU engine that the yacht runs on can achieve speeds of up to 30 knots. A great vehicle to show you how to stunt off land, don't be surprised if an athlete of rapper scoops up one of these swag surfers sooner than later. 

[Via HyperGate]