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Power Source: recharges via outlet or USB
Connectivity: Bluetooth/audio Jack
Devices: mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player, built-in FM radio
Helmet Type: Full and 3/4
OS Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7
Price as scanned: $400


A motorcyclist's priorities are speed, performance, and safety. Helmet-mounted headsets may not top these, but the utility of the Scala Rider G4 headset cannot be denied. Whether you prefer an FM radio/MP3 player or the ability to take calls on the road, these speakers offer a bold, clear sound at every speed and city traffic condition. (And even in some stormy weather conditions, too!) Notifications and alerts are just as crisp, and the ergonomic design makes answering and ending calls safe and convenient. The microphone provides excellent sound quality, and its sturdy positioning allows for a perfect fit. The headset holds a charge for more than a week and a half of mild usage, which means that it can stay with the helmet when not in use. By far the most useful feature, the intercom, used for driver/passenger communication while on the road, is a welcome surprise.


The Scala Rider G4 works well enough, but shifting through the various modes isn’t as intuitive as it could be. With all of the features on a smart phone today, the potential for sifting through a phonebook instead of a play list increases—especially when using voice commands. Mounting the device on a padded full-face helmet is a challenge, necessitating a glue plate instead of a clamp. This adhesive mount is a secure option, but it can’t be removed without a fair amount of force. The high-quality audio in these speakers is so clear and powerful that it can drown out the important sounds of the road, like horns and sirens, so be careful. 

Final Take:

Cardo Systems Scala Rider G4 headset is a well-rounded device that can add to any bike rider’s experience, while safely placing the rider among a growing throng of power commuters.