Soooo, this looks like it hurts, doesn't it? But, here's the funny/stupid/unbelievable part: Steve-O actually asked Mike Tyson if he could use his fists to give himself a black eye at Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central Roast the other night. That's right, he asked for this! We'll let Steve-O tell it.

"I should explain how this happened," Steve-O explained recently on his Who Say site. "I told Charlie Sheen that I was so grateful to be a part of his roast that I was going to attempt to get a black eye from Mike Tyson. I dove face-first into Mike Tyson's fist, although it was my forehead that landed on it that first time. It wasn't until the end of the show that I was allowed to give it another proper try. It took two more tries at the end of the show, but I ended up getting it done. As a matter of fact, I broke my nose badly in the process, it was in a whole new spot on my face. My cameraman filmed blood pouring out of my nose, a guy in the crowd came over and told me he could set my nose straight right there on the spot. I couldn't believe it, it hurt like hell, but he managed to pop the bone right back into place. That's so awesome, I think my nose will actually wind up straighter than it's been since Bam Magera broke it on the set of Jackass 3D. What a great deal, I get to say that I got two black eyes and a broken nose from Mike Tyson, and I'm going to come out of it looking better than I did before it happened. Yeah dude!"

SMH. Dude, you really are a jackass, you know that? [via Tiger Hoods]