Getting kicked in the balls is not a particularly pleasant experience. First, you're all "Owwwwww!" Then, you're all "Ohhhhhh!" Then, you're rolling around the ground like, "Ahhhhhh!" Then, after a few minutes of just laying there, breathing heavily, and wondering why in the world God could possibly be doing this to you, you're finally able to gather the strength to stand up and pull yourself together. But not before you make a mental note of how much you hate the person who put you through that experience.

Not so for Division II college basketball player Taylor Statham. When he attempted to take a charge during a game last November, he took a knee right to the good ol' twig and berries (Ed. note: It hurts just typing that!) and writhed around on the floor in pain like any guy would do for a few minutes. But a month later, he was actually thanking the guy who did it to him. Because of the persistent pain that occurred thanks to of the knee to the groin, he took a trip to the doctor to get things checked out and, much to his surprise, he found out that he had a very aggressive form of testicular cancer that would have spread to the rest of his body if he hadn't found out about it when he did.

"They said if I would have waited a few months to come in or if I wouldn't have known," he says today, "it would have spread throughout my body."

Now, that sounds like it would have been a real kick in the balls. What a story. [via The Dagger]