Uh-oh! About a month ago, Kevin Durant shocked the world when he revealed that he's quietly been stockpiling a shitload of tattoos on his chest and stomach for quite some time now. The tattoos that we saw when he was photographed playing ball without a shirt on in July weren't new; they were just new to us since KD decided to get all his ink on parts of his body that aren't visible when he wears his Thunder jersey. But, after seeing his latest tatt, there's really only one thing left to say: So much for trying to keep your ink a secret!

KD got the word "MARYLAND" tattooed across the top of his back over the weekend when he was in Atlanta to play in a charity basketball game for Luda Weekend. "Ouchhh," he wrote on Twitter last night after Atlanta tattoo artist Randy Harris posted a couple pics of KD's new ink last night. And if you think it hurt you, Kev, just imagine what David Stern and the NBA's publicity department are saying right now.

So, when can we expect your first neck tatt, son? [via Boxden]

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