Angela and Amber Cope, the famous sisters who made NASCAR history by being the first set of twins to race in the same NASCAR Nationwide Series event recently spoke with us about their NASCAR heritage, racing strangers in the street, and their love for coffee and lingerie.

How did you girls become introduced to racing?

Angela Cope: Well, racing has been in our family. Our grandpa did it, our dad did it, and our uncle is a Daytona 500 winner. He’s actually still running a full year in the Nationwide Series. So, we’ve been brought up in it. We got a go-cart for Christmas at the age of nine, and our dad just kind of threw us into it, and we fell in love with the sport. 

How does it feel being the first twins ever to race in the same event in a NASCAR series?

Amber Cope: It’s been a dream come true. It’s been a big goal and plan of ours, we’ve been brought up racing and we’re just very fortunate and excited to be racing in the Nationwide Series. Angela is running this weekend, and I’ll be running in Phoenix in November.

Angela Cope: It sucks that we’re not out there running together, week in and week out. That’s what we’d really love to have happen, but as of right now we’re just kind of having to swap off every other weekend. So, yeah, I’ll be running this weekend, but Amber won’t run until Phoenix. That’s kind of the tough part, but we’re getting there. Slowly, but surely.

Now, what does the world of women in NASCAR racing look like in the next few years?

Angela Cope: Well, I definitely think since Danicka (Patrick) has come in and got a full deal for Nationwide next year, I think it has opened doors for female drivers to come in. A lot of people are acknowledging it more and more everyday. They’re definitely respecting us, which is great.

What sort of things do the two of you have planned for the future?

Angela Cope: I think in 2012, a full Nationwide deal for both Amber and I. There is just one car for both of us, so it will basically be a very full year for both of us.

Amber Cope: We have an online clothing boutique called Pink Candy Boutique that we manage in the midst of all of this, and trying to bring in different types of sponsors into NASCAR.

What does your dream sponsor look like?

Amber Cope: It would probably be like, a make-up line or uhmm...

Angela Cope: No, I would say Victoria’s Secret...

Amber Cope: Hmm, yeah or Starbucks...

Angela Cope: Yeah, we love coffee.

Okay, cool so you love coffee and lingerie?

Angela and Amber Cope: Yeah.

So what have been some of the biggest obstacles in meeting your goals?

Angela Cope: Just trying to procure the funding we need, talking dollars. Being able to run top 10, it’s millions and millions. I think that’s the biggest struggle that you’re seeing now for everybody, really.
How does it feel to be competing in such a male dominated sport like racing?

Amber CopeWe’ve always kind of been like boys our whole life. It’s all we’ve ever known or done.

Angela Cope: It’s just something we’ve learned to deal with, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Has it been a struggle to garner respect as real racers?

Angela Cope: It can be a struggle to a certain degree, but I think that in the past, it was tougher. Now, more than ever, it's a little bit easier. 

Amber Cope: Yeah, I think people in general just take us seriously as people.

Angela Cope: I mean, still I have a full-time job that I have to do. And I’m going to school.
Do you either of you ever get hit on by other drivers or crew members?

Angela CopeNo, no, not at all. Here at the shop right now the guys are very respectful. It’s real important to us. I mean, we both have boyfriends and serious relationships.
So, what’s your favorite car to drive when you’re off the course?

Angela CopeI drive a BMW 1 series convertible. I love my Beamer. And Amber drives a 300 Chrysler. Amber goes for the wide bodies and the big rims, ya know?

Are there any racers out there that you see as direct competition?

Angela Cope: I think at this level, with everyone we’re racing against, it’s pretty competitive. I think being in the NASCAR elite series, everyone in the sport is very, very intelligent, or they wouldn’t be out there driving. But just to be racing against these guys is really just a dream come true and we’re very excited to be competing at all.
Which of you two is the better racer?

Angela CopeAmber and I bring different things. I think Amber is more reserved, whereas I am more aggressive. I mean, a team would probably want Amber for longer runs. But short-term, I’d probably get the job done quicker. Yeah, there are different things we each bring.

Do you girls get recognized as “the NASCAR twins” everywhere you go?

Angela Cope: Yeah, I would say so. Yeah, because we look very similar, so a lot of people definitely do notice and recognize us as “the NASCAR twins.”

Have you ever had people try to randomly race you in the street because they recognized you?

Angela Cope: Ha ha, yeah. Yeah, Amber will race anybody that comes up to the line. She’ll just gun it and just go. She did it the other day to me! I was just like, “what are you doing, Amber?” So, yeah, it happens, but we don’t do it. I mean, well, I don’t. But Amber does. Ha ha.

How do the two of you get along off the course?

Angela Cope: Amber and I are each other’s best friends. We really are. We do everything together. I think the only thing we fight about is clothes. I’m probably a little bit more of a rocker, and Amber is more chic.

How much longer do you plan on competing?

Angela Cope: We’re 28 years old. Obviously, our long-term goal is to be proficient in the Nationwide Series. And hopefully one day when we’ll both be running together for one team, we can move up to the Cup Series and do sprints.
How do you feel your sponsors are doing at getting the image you want for yourselves out there to people?

Angela Cope: The great thing is, every time we’re out we’re able to find great sponsors. Like Luchini Footwear. We have Matrix Paint. We have Oxy Batteries. Some of these are recurring sponsors from the past few races. So, they’re obviously very pleased with Amber and I and what we’re able to showcase. The money keeps funding us, so that’s all we need right now.

Have you girls put any thought to how you might want to be remembered when you’ve retired from racing?

Angela CopeRight now we’re really just trying to make this dream a reality. We don’t have the luxury of racing full-time yet and we’re hoping next year will be our first year that we're actually able to get after it. Until then we’re just busting our butts, just making a living trying to make this big dream, this big passion of ours come true for us. Every day we’re getting closer and closer. I think it’s all about laying the groundwork and getting people to really believe in you and believe the whole package.