Mate Rimac, a 23 year old Croatian, designed this beautiful and insane 1088hp, 2802 ft-lb of torque, mostly imaginary supercar. That's right, the average billionaire has a much higher likelihood of getting his hands on that model than on a working version of this car. 

If this Pinocchio-mobile did become a real car it would be able to do 0-60 in a somewhat disappointing 2.8 seconds. This is because the computers would have to waste some time figuring out how to manage 700 ft-lbs of torque from four motors. It would eventually stop accelerating at a healthy 189. Despite the power it's no Veyron killer, but it would sure put a Tesla Roadster to shame. The car could return 366 miles for a charge as well. Presumably that only happens if one drives it like a little old lady.

Mr. Rimac, we challenge you to make this car and prove these claims, since they actually seem like they might be reasonable.

[More images at and via Jalopnik]

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