If you watched the Falcons take on the Eagles in the A last night, then you no doubt saw hundreds of old Michael Vick Falcons jerseys scattered throughout the crowd. It's pretty clear that there are still plenty of people out in Atlanta supporting the guy. However, not everyone was rocking a Vick jersey last night. Reason being, there were a handful of fans who took it upon themselves to burn their old Vick jerseys in the Georgia Dome parking lot before the game. Check out some of the flicks above.

Oh, and is it just us, or does it look like the guy in the last flick ran out and bought a Vick Falcons jersey at Marshalls for the sole purpose of burning it?! You could have at least taken the tags off and pretended like you've had that thing sitting in your closet for five years now. That's cheating, fam! [via SB Nation]

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