The baseball save might be the least sexy stat in sports. Typically they're boring affairs (unless this guy plays for your team). Saves are expected, and provide more of a feeling of relief...get it?

And yet teams go through closers faster than you can say "Carlos Marmol has walked the bases loaded." Which is why Mariano Rivera should be considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Since recording his first save on May 17, 1996, Mo has been an absolute rock for the Yankees, as much of a sure thing as there is in sports. As Rivera approaches the all-time saves record (601 as of Friday, two one to go to surpass Trevor Hoffman) WITH MO SETTING THE RECORD TODAY, MONDAY 9/19, we're breaking out our calculators to add up just what numbers the future Hall of Famer, his team, its fans, and his famous teammates have put up since his first save.