Just a friendly, very, very sparsely-attended game of hoops between noted b-ball juggernauts Bahrain and Kuwait. And then at the :15-second mark, a ticky-tack offensive foul is called. The supposed perp flings his hands in the air, which really offends a player on the other team, at which point all manner of sh*t hits the fan:

-:30 seconds, a shoe is removed

-:42 seconds, pan away from Shoeless and Agitated to see the first of a billion (rough estimate) sucker punches

-1:00, first flying jump-kick of the evening, followed by extreme mob violence

-1:10, ten on one face-stomping

-1:27, yup, that's another shoe kicked off!

-1:40, order restored. Until...

-2:09, team huddle as precursor to retaliatory face-stomping

There's a little more, but that pretty much covers it. So now you don't even have to watch the clip! [via Big Lead Sports]