Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is starring on HBO's all-access show, 24/7, in the days leading up to his September 17th fight against Victor Ortiz. And if Saturday's premiere episode is any indication of what's to come, we're in for one hell of a show.

During a rather cordial conversation between Floyd, Jr. and his father/former trainer Floyd, Sr., the father/son started joking about who played a bigger part in Floyd, Jr.'s development as a boxer—Floyd, Sr. or Floyd, Jr.'s uncle Roger. One thing led to another, words were exchanged, and, before we knew it, the two Floyds were ready to knuckle up right there in the middle of Floyd, Jr.'s training center.

Obviously, the language here is NSFW and there's been some concern that the Floyds might've staged this whole thing (no way!), but, uh...yeah, whatever. This is still great TV. Enjoy! [via Guyism]