Luiz "Banha" Cane vs Stanislav "Stucky" Nedkov

Better Nickname: Neither of these names make sense so it's a toss up. I'll go with Stucky.

Inside Scoop, Cane: He's solid at 11-3 but 1-2 in his last three. He packs a mean punch but both his recent losses came by TKO due to punches. 

Inside Scoop, Nedkov: He's undefeated (11-0) including a decision over the withered Randleman. He can strike and submit. He's an import from Bulgaria whose opportunities to come to the big stage have been repeatedly thwarted.

Prediction: Nedkov. Cane has home field but Nedkov wants it more. Besides, I hate jinxing a guy's undefeated streak. Anyhow, Nedkov takes no chances with the stand-up even though Cane has a glass jaw. He takes Cane to the floor for ground-and-pound and finishes him with a choke after Cane gets tired.