Jorge "El Conquistador" Rivera vs Constantinos "Costa" Phillippou

Meaner Tattoos: Rivera. Not sure why he got that tat of a hobbit on his chest but it's menacing in a "stop looking at me" kinda way. Fighting him and his chest tat is like fighting two people instead of one.

Inside Scoop, Rivera: He's long in the tooth and not too technical but he knows how to knock people unconscious. He's got a great chin even though he didn't show it in his last fight where he lost to the suspect Michael Bisping by TKO. Expect him to square up and throw hard strikes.

Inside Scoop, Phillippou: He's new to the UFC game and in his previous fight, he lost to Nick Catone in an uninspired decision. One second... had to get that yawn out of the system. Damn his last fight stunk. Needless to say, Phillippou has a lot to prove.

Prediction: Rivera, son. Are you kidding me? Phillippou's striking defense is rated 47%. Meaning, he eats more than half the blows thrown at him. Unless his chin is made of adamantium (what up Wolverine!), he's goin' down.