Rory "The Water Boy" MacDonald vs Mike "Quicksand" Pyle

Better Nickname: MacDonald. We've all seen The Water Boy. We all love The Water Boy. How much you want to bet when MacDonald enters the ring everyone in the greater Philly area will be screaming, "You can do it!"

Inside Scoop, MacDonald: He looks 14 and was considered a prodigy until he got bucked by Carlos Condit, two fights ago. In his last fight he won a convincing decision. It's going to take more than boyish good looks to get past Pyle.

Inside Scoop, Pyle: This dude has been fighting since Tears for Fears was topping the charts. We kid. We kid. He's 35 but he doesn't have a ton of miles on the odometer. Will the kid gas him out?

Prediction: Aside from his slip up against Condit, where he was winning until the gastank hit E, MacDonald looks better and better each fight. He's got that quiet Canadian kid swag like GSP. Pyle has more powerful hands but MacDonald has better jiu-jitsu. MacDonald wears out Pyle and wins by submission.