UFC 133 is a win or get cut event. UFC bossman, Dana White, doesn't suffer mediocre fighters lightly and this is one of those cards that pits up-and-comers vs seasoned veterans. Will the kids break through to the elite level or will the vets defend the top of the mountain?

With the exception of the main event, Rashad Evans (20-1-1) vs Tito Ortiz (17-8-1), UFC 133 isn't a star-packed affair. However, all the match-ups are intriguing because they're even on paper. Paper doesn't fight people. People fight people. But a card of fair ones can be better than a card of famous ones. Even matches are always more exciting: less decisions. More people getting knocked the f**k out and laid to bed like toddlers. Night-night, son. Send us a postcard from your new job at Arby's. 

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