Despite his struggles to stay on the football field because of a shoulder injury last season, it's gotta be pretty awesome to be Tony Romo. The guy is, after all, QB1 for the Dallas Cowboys. So you'd think that when it came time to have his bachelor party earlier this summer before his marriage to Candice Crawford, it'd be a pretty wild event. But, unfortunately, you'd think wrong. Dead wrong.

According to Romo, he spent the night, not getting drunk off his ass and passing out underneath of a stripper in some seedy jiggle joint in Vegas, but locked inside of a cabin in Virginia. With a dozen dudes. And no beer. Playing hide-and-motherfucking-seek! Um, WHAT!?!

"We played twice," he told Yahoo!'s Graham Bensinger recently. "I won both times. I got to tell them all I was smarter than them. That was just part of the process. I did come up with the game, so I probably had a pretty good idea leading up to the game that I had a chance."

Good times, Tony! Any chance you're free Saturday morning for a game of manhunt? [via Business Insider]