Event: UFC Live 5 8/14/2011
Winner: Lytle
Winning Move: Guillotine Choke

This is one of the greatest MMA stories of all time. Neither fighter was a champ. It wasn't for a title and it wasn't on pay-per-view. Lytle only had two championship fights in his 54-fight career and they were in inferior leagues. He was known as a well-rounded fighter who always put on an amazing show. Hardy also had a reputation as a crowd pleaser.

At the weigh in, Lytle informed UFC boss Dana White this would be his last fight. His kids were getting too old. He didn't want them to see him fighting and he had aspirations of getting into politics.

A technical brawl ensued. Both men were bloodied and going into the final seconds of the final round, the fight was still up for grabs. Lytle won a last-second scramble and forced Hardy, who rarely taps, to quit and we can't wait to see the dramatic biopic reinacted on the big screen. That's Oscar material.