Event: UFC 81 2/2/2008
Winner: Nogueira
Winning Move : Guillotine Choke

Tim Sylvia is a gigantic guy who throws thunder. Nogueira takes punishment, waits for the right moment then lures his opponents into one of the many submissions in his arsenal. You can never count Minotauro out. He's the Houdini of fighting.

In this match, his second in the UFC, Nogueira was getting pounded mercilessly. In the last round, he pulled Sylvia to the floor and used a guillotine to end the match. It wasn't even the choke that made it so dope. The reversal he pulled to get on top of Sylvia demonstrated a level of grace rarely seen in fighting. The choke was the submission equivalent of a Tim Haradaway killer crossover. Sylvia thought Nogueira was going for the armbar--Oops. Made you look--and found himself locked in a choke tighter than GSP's shorts.