Event: UFC 4 12/16/1994
Winner: Gracie
Winning Move: Triangle Choke

Gracie had to pull out of the previous UFC due to injury from a fight with Kimo. When he returned for UFC 4 the family name was on the line. The Gracies hadn't lost a match since 1951 when Joyce's dad (Helio) lost by Kimura to Masahiko Kimura--the guy the lock was named after.

Severn was a seasoned 250-pound wrestler. Gracie weighed 178. Severn was on top of Gracie the entire time and it didn't look good for the smaller man. But BJJ is like booze at a holiday party. It makes things look different than they are. If you let it get to you, you will slip up and find yourself in a compromising situation. Severn, you overdid it homes, you had to much to drink. He tapped. The Gracie family pushed it's win streak to 43(years)-0.