Event: UFC 117 4/ 7/2010
Winner: Silva
Winning Move: Combination - Triangle Choke + Armbar

Before fighting Sonnen, the Spider defended his middleweight title against Demian Maia in what could be described as a beautiful nap. For his next fight, an outraged Dana White pitted Silva vs Sonnen, a brash trash-talking wrestler with a record of 25-10-1.

Sonnen talked more shit than anyone has ever talked before a fight. Every time he was interviewed it was like he was reenacting that scene from The Karate Kid where the bully tells Danielson, "Your karate's a joke!" Sonnen went as far as to say Silva's black belt in BJJ was the equivalent of a Happy Meal toy. That's disrespectful to the rap game.

To Sonnen's credit, he came to fight. He was beating Silva handily with striking and takedowns going into the fifth, and final, round. He hit Silva more times in that fight than he'd been hit in his entire UFC career. Sonnen was pitching a shut out on the level of: this is going to be the biggest upset in MMA history.

With two minutes remaining, and fighting off his back, a battered Silva dialed up a triangle choke and Sonnen--who had been beaten by other fights with this move--found himself trapped between Silva's legs like a fart at a board meeting. He couldn't escape and was forced to tap out.

Silva later revealed he had a rib injury and was advised by his doctor not to fight. Riiiiight. More unbelievable, Sonnen tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.