14. David Wells

Years Active: 1987-2007

Team(s): Blue Jays, Yankees, Tigers, Padres, Red Sox, Reds, Orioles, White Sox, Dodgers

Playing Weight: 187 lbs.

If John Kruk made it cool to be a fat baseball player, David Wells took it to a whole other level. Dude actually had gout! Yes, gout! And yet, like Livan Hernandez, he managed to be a workhorse during his career (you know, when he wasn't laid up with bizarre, 17th century diseases). Wells led his league in innings once, and finished his career with over 3400 innings pitched (including 8 200 inning seasons and two with 195+). Of course he also pitched a perfect game with a hang over. So much for all that body-as-temple BS.

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