This week, the world's top two super middleweight (168 pounds) fighters wrapped up their international tour for Showtime's Super Six World Boxing Classic. Andre Ward and Carl Froch are the two remaining fighters left in the championship tournament to find boxing's top super middleweight champion. In an age of boxing where anyone can seemingly add three letters before a weight class and give themselves a title, it's refreshing to have a tournament that rewards a champion that has truly beat the best among his peers.

Ward and Froch made stops to see their respective hometown fans in Oakland, Calif. and London, in addition to New York to promote their bout on October 29. Complex was able to attend the events in Oakland and NYC, and we took away a bit of insight into the history and personalities both fighters before their super fight on October 29 in Atlantic City. Take a minute to get to know two of boxing's best before they take to the ring.