For most people, playing MP3s in their car is a messy affair. You're either copying songs to a multitude of CDs, managing dangling cords that connect your MP3 player to a USB or AUX jack, or you're listening to downgraded audio via a MP3-to-cassette tape kit. We're here to tell you there's a better way. It's called the Sony DSX-S300BTX Digital Media Receiver

It may look like a your everyday single-DIN car receiver, but the DSX-S300BTX sports a number of features that make it extremely easy for you to enjoy all your digital audio. If you have an MP3 player or phone with Bluetooth-streaming capabilities, you can stream your music to the receiver as well as use it to make hands-free calls.

However, if you flip open the front faceplate, you'll be treated an integrated USB Tune Tray that allows you to connect and store your iPod. Once your MP3 player is stored away you can operate it using Sony's easy-to-use menu system. With a retail price of $199, it's one of the best ways to bump MP3s in your ride we've yet to come across.