In case you missed it—and, really, we don't blame you if you got your fair share of Game yesterday by spending 20 minutes listening to "Daytona 500"Game released a video clip on Monday to help promote his much-anticipated Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator collaboration, "Martians vs. Goblins" from his new album, The R.E.D. Album. And in the clip, Game takes a couple of well-timed shots at LeBron James and his mom Gloria while spitting the bars for his verse on the song off his BlackBerry.

"I was suckin' that pussy like it was wonton soup," Game raps. "Then I hit LeBron's mom in Bron-Bron's coupe/With Delonte West taping and we had bon bons, too."

Niiiiiiiiice, Game. We wonder if this will get Jay-Z to come to Bron-Bron's aid like he's been known to do and respond to all those "Otis" shots you've been throwing his way. [via The Big Lead]