Usually, after announcing theirr retirement from the NBA, players just settle into a nice, quiet lifestyle or disappear never to be heard of again. In the case of Shaquille O'Neal, either one of those options would be a lot better than all the negative publicity dude has faced recently. The most recent discovery is a string of text messages and e-mails obtained on February 1, 2009 that reveal a secret conversation shared between Shaq and his side chick, model Dominica Westling, while he was still married. Check it out below: 

Dominica: I feel bad we lost contact. Hope you are well. I live in LA now so hit me up if you ever come out there

Shaq: O my god were r u can i have u bak i miss u to whts yur number pls baby i want u bak do u love me

Dominica: Yes I wanna see you, you know I can never forget about you. My number is [redacted by us]

[Twenty-three days later, Dominica sends Shaq an email with only the subject line "Muuaaahhh" and a photo that, judging by his reaction, didn't depict a tray of freshly baked cookies.]

Shaq: Where can I cum at when I c u

Dominica: All over me, where do you wanna cum?

Shaq: In u foreva

Dominica: I miss that

Wow!!! Shaq doesn't beat around the bush (no pun intended). But what doesn't say that you really, really love someone like, "In u foreva"? SMH! [via Miami New Times]