We're all for "going green" and taking care of Mother Earth. But, wow, did Kansas State University drop the ball with their new mascot or what? Rather than go with a plain old wildcat—because, you know, they're the goddamn Kansas State Wildcats—they decided to create something called EcoKat for the 2011 college football season. It's billed as a "crusader of conservation and fanatic of fluorescents." Um...WHAT?!?

Not for nothing, K-State, but this thing is going to get its' green-lovin' ass handed to it by Oklahoma State's Pistol Pete, Texas Tech's Masked Rider, and Baylor's Judge and Bruiser (they're black bears, yo!). Even the Kansas Jayhawk will fly circles around this thing and laugh at it. SMH. Sorry, EcoKat. But, in the game of life, you already lost. [via Hot Clicks]