The Yahoo! draft is a perfect mix of simplicity and necessary components. You don’t have a useless oversimplified board, but you don’t have a busy, overcomplicated one either. One thing we'd change would be the better availability of projected stats for the players. We mainly had to use last year’s stats to go off of.

Yahoo!’s team page is nothing special, but it’s extremely easy to use. It’s just the basic drag and drop to switch players. This is part of the reason that we love Yahoo!. The design isn’t so boring that it hurts to look at, but its stock structure makes everything quick and efficient.

Like ESPN, Yahoo! has specific experts that focus solely on fantasy football.  It’s nice to get advice from people who know are so knowledgeable that they know the stats and splits of third string running backs. Most of this information is easily accessible from the league home page or on player cards.