ESPN’s draft page is absolutely fantastic. It’s super intuitive and there isn’t a piece of information that isn’t one click away. The position bar atop the screen makes it crystal clear when your picks are coming up. Also, if you are an “IN” subscriber on ESPN, then a tab allows you to look at expert analysis and advice straight from within the draft board. The board does take up the entire screen, but it’s worth the extra space.

The team page is easy to use as well. Our favorite features are the in-screen availability of helpful information. Not only do you get statistical info for each player, but ESPN also provides written analysis of projections and news without having to go to different pages.

Something nice about ESPN’s player pool are the options under the “action” bar. Adding and comparing is easy, and you have the choice to put players on a “watch list.” If you hear that a player is coming back from injury soon or has the potential to start in place of an injured player, you can put them on this list so you don’t forget about them.

ESPN easily takes the cake when it comes to scoring. Along with Yahoo! and CBS, ESPN provides free live scoring. This is particularly useful when you go into the Monday night game up by 13 points and the only player left to play is Jay Cutler on the opponent’s team. They also house the most comprehensive and in-depth scoreboard of all the sites.