Yes, we are young and are supposed to have fresh eyesight, but c’mon CBS. Even for 20-something dudes, the type in this draft board is tiny. Who wants to be straining to see how many touchdowns Greg Jennings is projected to have? Additionally, as far as we can tell, you can’t just select a player to draft. You have to click on his profile or put him in the queue. Also, the list of players isn’t streamlined into one long list. You see 33 people at a time and have to click next to see more. Frankly, these extra steps are unneeded and annoying.

The league home is good. It has a lot of information in a relatively organized fashion, which is what you want. The best part is that it is customizable. You can drag and drop features like the message board, transactions and player news. Even the feature story section is open for deleting or moving. 

One thing great about the CBS team page is the small weather feature next to the game times.  We can’t tell you how many times you’ll have a starter’s game turned into a mud bowl, wasting a precious roster spot. When it comes to finding free agents, CBS takes a slightly different approach. Instead of filtering the people after the fact, they have options to click offensive or defensive leaders based on specific stats.

The live scoreboard is nice too. They provide a preview for each match-up that compares each team’s positions and gives an “edge” to one team or another based on projections, which is pretty cool to see. CBS also has a unique power rankings feature within the standings.  It takes into account your team's record, points, and breakdown, and formulates league power rankings.