Everybody plays fantasy football, but not everybody plays on the same platform. What's the difference you ask? Well, a lot it turns out. From navigability to added features to something as simple as type-size, there is as much variety in the sites you'll use to host your league as there is in various draft strategies.

To help you decide which site to host your league this year, we signed up in leagues on six different free platforms: CBSSports.com, ESPN.com, FleaFlicker.com, FoxSports.com, NFL.com, and Yahoo.com. We went through each site's pages and ranked their overall ease of use and information access. We've also provided screen shots of each site's Draft, Team, League, Player Pool and Research pages, so you can judge for yourself. Put it this way: If you put as much research into your team as we did into ranking the host sites, you'll win your league going away. Read on for our take on the Best Fantasy Football Host Sites in 2011.

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