In July, Complex’s Tech Editor Damien Scott visited the Sony Electronics Booth at the Chicago stop of the Dub Show Tour 2011.The booth showcased the latest in car audio and navigation gadgets, including Sony’s XNV-770BT audio receiver featuring GPS navigation powered by TomTom and their DSX-S300BTX digital media receiver with Bluetooth technology, not to mention some really giant, high end speakers. The legendary DJ Quik and Kia Shine dropped by the booth for autograph signing sessions after their performances on the main stage. Damien sat down with Quik to talk about his performance and the Dub Show experience. 

D: We’re in the Sony booth at the Dub Show in Chicago. I’m here with DJ Quik. He just tore it down. How did that feel? How was the performance today?

Q: It was cool, I missed something though.

D: What’d you miss?

Q: I forgot to do the DJ Quik gangsta slide.

D: Awwww, how are you gonna miss that? Is this your first Dub Show?

Q: No. My second one. I did one in LA.

D: Was it better this time?

Q: Some of the cars here are better than the cars at the Dub Show in LA. Here you got some bigger wheels, Mercedes are all freaked out.

D: Alright, yeah I feel that. So the Sony booth has speakers, subwoofers and head units for producers and artists such as yourself. How important is it for a car audio to be on point?

Q: It's a point of purchase, its like a mobile advertisement for your music. So, automatically you want your music to be great as a producer and that starts with knowing your sound. And if your car stereo system is good then you’re good. And I’ll be honest with you Sony has always been a part of my sound. Sony 7506 headphones are the best headphones to record vocals in. The Sony c800 AG microphone is one of the greatest microphones ever made. Sony knows what they're doing.

D: Alright alright. Did you walk around here today? You see anything in the booth you liked?

Q: Man, I like everything in here I wish I could steal this whole mothaf#*king building.Take all of this home with me.

D: That’s whats up.