The non-Jets and -Giants fans a Complex got a hearty laugh last year when we read an article in New York magazine about reasons to love the Big Apple. Among the arguments NY gave for loving NYC, was that the city now has two great quarterbacks. To which we said, "Sure, when Tom Brady's visiting Giselle in the Village and when Peyton Manning comes over to Eli's house for family reunions."

To be fair, New York's pro quarterbacks (Eli Manning of the Giants and Mark Sanchez of the Jets for those of you who have no idea why you're reading this article) have some impressive achievements: Manning won a Super Bowl with the G-Men in '07, and Sanchez has taken his squad to the AFC Championship two consecutive years. But great? Are you drunk? So we can agree that neither is great, but they're both pretty good, right? Right? But who's better? As the two QBS lead their teams in today's annual preseason intra-city match-up, we let you decide. Pretty boy Mark or whiny face Eli? The choice is yours.